Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Give your floor a makeover!

Dad and Jerry's Carpet Cleaning uses contemporary technology to restore the lost beauty of your floor. It is true that cleaning tile and grout is a back-breaking process. But on the other hand it is very necessary to put out dirt and grime to keep your living space clean. The equipment that we use help in thorough blasting of grime, grease and dirt giving you sparkling clean homes. It is difficult to ooze out dirt and grime from porous tiles and grout, therefore we use machines to give you thorough wash and cleaning. We use sealers to protect your floors from future stain and bacterial actions. Thus expect best tile and grout cleaning from us.

In extreme cases it might require repair and also replacement of tile and grout. We use product and equipment that will bring back lost beauty of your tile and grout making it appears “new-like”. Our dedicated team of professionals and technicians has made us a distinguished name in tile and grout cleaning Adelaide. Our tile and grout cleaning prices are reasonable also.

Our specialized cleaning process

Inspection- We first under take inspection to check for any kind of broken or loose tile or grout. Before we undertake any kind of cleaning process we point it out to our clients to avoid confusing later. The inspection is done during the price estimation of the cleaning process.

Pre treatment- During this period we apply various cleansing solution over your flooring surface. We also apply cleansing alkaline solution and leave it to dwell it bring out hidden dirt and grime traces.

High pressure thorough washing technique- A high-pressure cleaning system is employed by our professionals. It is specifically designed to give your floor an aesthetic appeal. Even in case of porous tile and grout, this blasting mechanism brings out embedded dirt from your floor surface.

Speed drying- Immediately after cleaning we use speed drying techniques with the help of commercial air blasters to dry your floor.

Sealing- In the end we use sealers to polish your tiles that will also close the pores of tile and grout ensuring that premature re-soiling does not take place. This acts as a barrier protecting it from mildew and stains in future.
The type of machines used by us act aggressively on the floor surface removing any kind of contaminants. This will also remove odours giving you fresh and rejuvenated homes.

Intensive cleaning processes
Our machines aggressively scrub your floor surface removing long accumulated dirt and grime. You can go for this cleaning procedure on a routine basis to give you sparkling clean living space. Opting for our routine specialized cleaning services will extend the life of your flooring surface considerably. We also use high-quality microfibers to give you detailed cleaning that regular mopping can never give.

Cleaning with aesthetic refinish
Our intensive cleaning processes not only removes dust, dirt and grime from floor surface but it will also provide a uniform sheen to your floor surface. We have a niche in the industry to perform tile and grout cleaning Adelaide. Our dedicated team has helped us to earn the reputation of giving 100% job satisfaction to our clients.

As such our highly superior tile and grout cleaning is just a call away. You can get in touch with our professionals to get hassle free and budget cleaning services.

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