Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Myths about tile and grout cleaning dispelled!

After the installation of tile and grout, it is not easy for householders to maintain it. Over time gradual deterioration makes tile and grout cleaning mandatory. If warning signs are not noticed it might be permanently damaged. You cannot treat tile and grout like ordinary surfaces. It requires special attention and specific products for cleaning.

Any householder might find intensive cleaning of tile and grout a challenging task. To remedy such situations people reach out for professional tile cleaning Adelaide experts to have premium quality services.
To help you understand tile and grout cleaning in a proper manner, listed below are certain misconceptions. This will help you understand the cleaning operation in a better way so that you can keep your tile and grout and upholstery furniture in a “new-like” condition for long.

Mopping is sufficient to keep your floors tidy
It is true regular mopping keeps your tile and grout clean and sparkling but on the other hand it is not powerful enough to clean it completely. With time stubborn dust does gets accumulated deep in to the floor and grout making it look dirty and dingy.

If grout is porous then mopping becomes more difficult, as lack of proper technique will damage the floor totally.

Using local detergent is best for tile and grout cleaning
Washing detergents are very hard and viscous on tiles and grout bringing about faster deterioration. Some detergents might even stain your flooring. You might feel that it is cleaning your tile and grout but it will actually lead to reside build-up later. As such appropriate cleaning solutions should be used.

Bleaching is a viable option
Many householders use bleach to get rid of stubborn stains and mark from their flooring without realising it will lead to deterioration of your tile and grout gradually. This might become so severe that it might loosen tile and grout setting forcing them to break apart. Use of beach is totally prohibited as it might also take away shine and lustre from your pricey flooring.

Use of acids is fine for cleaning tile and grout
Many householders in order to find a quick and effective remedy to clean tile and grout go for powerful acids. This is a total misconception because it will actually finish off what you are trying to protect. Only in few applications you will be able to see tile and grout erosion.

Using hard wired brush will clean tile and grout surface
Scrubbing with a hard wired brush for tile and grout cleaning will remove more than dirt and dust from your floor surface. It will in fact damage the tile and grout setting leading to erosion.

Soaking tile and grout in soapy water will clean away dirt
It is a very popular myth that soaking tile and grout in soapy water just like we do in case of utensils will clean away the dirt much easily. The fact is, it will actually become rough attracting more dust and dirt making your floor appear highly unattractive.

Therefore calling for professional cleaning services for tile and grout cleaning is the most reasonable option to have sparkly clean homes. 

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